Asthma News This Week – June 14, 2019

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In the NEWS


  • Health Promoting Financial Incentives May Help Mothers Quit Smoking

  • Asthma Severity is Associated with Less Physical Activity Among Children

  • Paid Family Leave May Help Reduce Asthma Prevalence

  • Mexican Immigrant Children More Often Undiagnosed, Receive Different Care

  • Home-Based Asthma Interventions Shown To Be Effective Across the Literature

  • Children with Asthma More Likely to Have BD-Resistant Airflow Limitations than Children with Other Pulmonary Conditions

  • Limited English Not Associated with Worse Asthma Outcomes in One Hospital

  • Accelerated Epigenetic Aging Associated with Current Childhood Asthma

  • Group Visits Are Viable Means to Improve Asthma Management

  • DNA Methylation May Provide Asthma Biomarkers

  • Asthma Burden Attributable to Traffic-Related Air Pollution Drops to 18-36%

  • Bronchodilator Response to SABAs Differs by Population as well as Genetics

  • Exposure to Alternaria Mold in Schools May Trigger Asthma Symptoms

  • Asthma Clusters in More Non-White and Poorer Areas of St. Louis, MO

  • Inconclusive Study of Cannabis Smoke in Home’s Effect on Asthma, etc. Health

  • Decreases in Ambient Nitrogen Dioxide, PM2.5 Lead to Lower Asthma Incidence

  • PROMIS Model Reliably Predicts General Health Among Children with Asthma

  • Asthma Phenotypes Vary According to Underlying Pathophysiology

  • Model Estimates that Reducing OCS dose 5 mg/day Increases PBE Count 41%

  • School-Based Program Promoting Coping Skills Improves Asthma-Related Stress