Asthma News This Week – April 1, 2019

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In the NEWS


  • Montelukast linked to neuropsychiatric events in children

  • Tertiary interventions may be necessary to target individual asthma triggers

  • Healthy lifestyles may help prevent and control asthma symptoms

  • Wheezing phenotypes vary but consistently predict poorer lung function

  • As treatment options for childhood asthma emerge, a need for efficacy evidence

  • Chicago trial links families to home-based asthma CHW interventions

  • Need identified for methods to predict severe therapy-resistant childhood asthma

  • Indoor particulate matter (PM) may be a worse asthma trigger than outdoor PM

  • Certain antioxidant flavonoids may reduce lung inflammation

  • Poor methodologies in environmental allergen control intervention research

  • Reverse causation unlikely to confound asthma risk factors

  • Vitamin D may mitigate correlation between maternal and child asthma

  • Condition-response interactions identified between health outcomes and pollution

  • AAP highlights disparities in child hospitalization outcomes

  • AAP updates clinical report on maternal and infant diet and asthma/allergy

  • Indoor cannabis smoke might exacerbate childhood asthma symptoms