Nationwide Children’s mobile app may help people better self-manage asthma

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Very early on in her life, 3-year-old Karma Taylor found herself frequently in the Emergency Department in the middle of the night as a result of breathing problems. Karma's mom, Joyce Kelso, felt like she was chasing after her daughter's asthma rather than staying ahead of it.

"As a mom, there was nothing more terrifying than knowing Karma wasn't able to breathe," said Joyce. "It's scary, especially when you can hear your child wheezing and struggling that way."

After the family's pediatrician referred them to Nationwide Children's Hospital to see an asthma specialist, Joyce downloaded AsthmaCare, a mobile app developed by experts at Nationwide Children's designed to help patients and their families better manage their asthma. Because of this resource, Karma has improved significantly.

"It was definitely hard to ..."

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