Understanding ‘exercise-induced asthma’ in kids

Philadelphia Inquirer

By Christopher C. Chang


Although this winter has been relatively mild so far, at least on the East Coast, cold weather is inevitably going to come. When it does, how will this affect your ability to exercise? Does exercising in cold weather pose difficulties for you? Does it cause you to have wheezing, or cough, or shortness of breath? Many of our young elementary school and high school students are involved in a variety of sports activities in the winter time. What is the best way to get through the cold months?

Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) or “exercise-induced asthma” is a well-established condition with strict diagnostic criteria.The diagnosis is established by changes in lung function which are provoked by exercise, and is not based on symptoms. The condition involves acute narrowing of the airway occurring as a result of exercise...

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